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Best CRM (and Website for Leads) for surplus funds and overages: Tips for choosing one

Choosing a CRM for Surplus Funds and Overages Businesses

(May 23, 2024)

While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software promises streamlined workflows and improved customer interactions, its benefits might be overstated for some businesses such as the surplus funds and overages niche. Here's a reality check on some common claims:

CRMs for surplus funds: Game Changer or Shiny Object?

This article explores some key factors to consider before you invest in a CRM, especially if you're a solopreneur or small business owner in the surplus funds and overages sector.

Drawbacks of Lead Sharing

Some platforms offer lead sharing. Lead sharing involves multiple businesses receiving the same leads, which can create several issues:

  1. Increased Competition: When leads are shared, multiple companies contact the same potential customers. This means you're competing directly with other businesses for the same leads, which can reduce your chances of converting them into customers.

  2. Why Prospects Aren't Answering Your Calls: If you're wondering why prospects aren't answering their phones or why you're getting wrong numbers when calling these widely shared leads, it's because many people are calling the same contact information. As a result, prospects are either ignoring the calls or have changed their numbers.

  3. Quality and Relevance: Shared leads are often not tailored to your specific needs. Unlike exclusive leads that are custom-created to fit your criteria, shared leads might not be as relevant or high-quality, which can result in lower conversion rates.

  4. Lack of Transparency: With shared leads, it can be difficult to know how and where the leads were obtained. This lack of transparency can lead to questions about the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

  5. Timing Issues: Shared leads go through multiple distribution channels before reaching you, resulting in a delay which means they may not be available in real-time. There might be a delay between when the leads are generated and when you receive them, which can reduce their effectiveness as the potential customers might have already been contacted by other businesses.

In contrast, leads that are exclusive and custom-created to your specifications, ensures higher relevance and quality. They are also available almost in real-time following the auction, providing you with timely and actionable information without competing with others for the same leads. This approach ensures transparency in how leads are obtained and maximizes your chances of successful conversions

Be Cautious of CRM Promotions Anytime you hear or see promotions about how great CRMs are and how necessary they are, be cautious. The person promoting it might have a vested interest or be an affiliate, which means they could benefit from you buying it.

The Cost of Convenience:  The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing

If the workflow relies heavily on a virtual assistant (VA) to constantly manage and update leads then it defeats the purpose of having the CRM in the first place because this adds an extra layer of cost and complexity to your operations, and introduces another potential point of failure if the VA is unavailable.

Potential Drawbacks of Aggressive Automation

Know that making repeated contact attempts through calls, texts, and emails can be seen as spammy and off-putting to potential customers.  Overly-repetitive outreach can damage your reputation and lead to prospects opting out of communication entirely.

Personalization Matters:  The Risk of Robotic Communication

Be aware that workflows that rely heavily on pre-written templates may not resonate with individual leads.  These templates often lack the ability to address specific needs or questions, creating a generic and impersonal interaction.

How Service Providers Block You Out

Before you blast out another wave of emails or texts be aware that phone companies and email providers are on a warpath against spam.  Service providers use a multi-pronged attack to keep your suspected spam out of people's inboxes:

  • Sender Reputation Blacklist: Land on the blacklist, and your message deliverability rate will drastically get affected.

  • User-Powered Reporting: Think users won't report your spam? Every report helps service providers identify new tactics and strengthen their filters. One report too many, and you're toast.

  • AI on the Hunt: Machine learning algorithms are constantly evolving, learning to identify new spam patterns. Your "foolproof" tactics won't stay hidden for long.

Tailoring Your Approach: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The "one size fits all" approach to lead nurturing might not be ideal for the surplus funds business.  Some leads may prefer a less frequent contact strategy, and aggressive outreach could backfire.

Beyond Automation:  The Need for Human Touch

Surplus funds and the overages business requires complex interactions requiring a human touch.  CRMs will not replace genuine human interaction in the sales process.  Remember a sustainable business relies on trust and value, not annoyance.  

Data on Your Terms:  The Burden of Manual Data Entry

Uploading leads into the CRM requires a specific format, adding a time-consuming step for solopreneurs without a virtual assistant. Uploading can take several minutes per surplus funds file, significantly impacting efficiency.

Limitations of Autodialers: Single Numbers Only

CRMs generally allow for one phone number per contact.  This is problematic because in the surplus funds and overages business skip tracing often uncovers multiple numbers for a lead, their relative and neighbors

Cost Considerations

Subscription fees for CRMs can add up quickly, especially for solopreneurs with limited revenue.  Free versions often have fewer features and limited functionality.

Choose carefully:  Switching is not easy

Switching CRMs can be a daunting task for businesses due to challenges like data migration, training needs, and customization requirements. Migrating data accurately and ensuring data integrity during the transition is crucial to avoid disruptions. Comprehensive training programs may be required to familiarize yourself with the new CRM's interface and features. 

The Learning Curve Can Be Steep

Some CRMs are complex to set up and navigate, requiring a significant learning curve.  This can be overwhelming for solopreneurs already juggling multiple tasks.

Beware of Hidden Costs:  The Price of Additional Features

The basic subscription fee might seem reasonable, but additional features often come with extra costs.  Carefully consider your needs and budget before choosing a CRM.


Unless you are operating at a scale that has more than 5 agents and have the means to hire a dedicated person to handle the day-to-day tasks of updating and maintaining the CRM, having a CRM may create more work than serving as an efficiency tool.

Free Alternative to Surplus Funds CRMs

Google Apps offer a free, user-friendly alternative for solopreneurs and small businesses. By leveraging features like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google drive you can manage leads, communicate effectively, and streamline your workflow without the complexities and costs associated with some CRMs. 


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