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Elite Asset Recovery Services 

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Elite Asset
Recovery Services 

Elite Asset Recovery Services was founded for the sole purpose of helping people recover funds owed to them following a tax sale or foreclosure auction. We audit government and public records to locate any possible funds and ensure that the money meets the rightful owners.


Elite Asset Recovery's professionals provide all the specialized services required to recover tax and mortgage surplus money for our clients. We work with county agencies, conduct expert research and challenge claims by lienholders to ensure we recover the most money possible for our clients. We only get paid after we succeed!


Each case can vary, but generally first we review the Final Judgment court documents and then determine what other parties or entities will be making a claim for the surplus and to determine what the priority is for each claimant.

The final step is to prepare the appropriate Order and have the Court execute the Order so that the funds can be disbursed and you receive the refund!

Legal Process

Determine Lienholders and Heirship

Execute Disbursement

Business Meeting


Once you have decided to use Elite Asset Recovery Services to assist you in recovering your surplus claim, we prepare all the documents and hire a notary in your area to meet with you to formally sign the agreement. The notary then returns the documents to us and we prepare and submit all necessary paperwork to the county. If a probate is necessary, we hire the specializing attorney to coordinate with you and with us to initiate the legal process.


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We will send you a few pages of documents to be signed. 


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We continually follow up with the agency throughout the whole process to keep the claim moving forward 

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Once the agency approves the claim, we then notify you of the good news. The agency will send out a check and we will send you your funds within 10 days

  • How long does the process take?
    Typically, the process takes 90-120 days. It can take longer if probate is involved and it depends on court schedules. All you have to do is provide needed information, sit back and wait for us to work through the process
  • Is This Money Real?
    There are tens of billions of dollars in unclaimed funds in the United States. Lost money is not as uncommon as one might think.
  • Have more questions?
    Feel free to contact us so we can provide you with the legal perspective.


FAQ Elite
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(800) 498-5781

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1565 W. Main St.

Suite 208

Lewisville, TX 75067

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